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Sales Engage

For sales teams

Sales Engage brings sales focused content and digital fund reporting all in one place.

Sales teams can stay current and improve product knowledge, reduce preparation time and allow for changing conversations.

Central repository

Provides sales team with access to a structured source of sales collateral and product information, at any time and on any device.

Slash prep time

Reduces sales preparation time with easily accessible sales materials and product information that can be quickly curated in advance of any client meetings.

Information Sharing

Supports the secure sharing of content and product information with peers and clients.


Allows firms to align sales activities to business objectives through targeted messaging, training and content.

Changing conversations

Facilitates change in direction during sales conversations and the exploration of alternative products and strategies.

Focused conversations

Have better informed sales conversations by filtering content and products specific to an individual client’s needs, including country/client segment and language.

Search and find

Search and find products and relative materials through comprehensive search and filtering capabilities.

Curated content

Access sales specific curated content including Insights, Research, Client Presentations, Training and Competitor analysis.

Custom collections

Prepare for sales meetings by creating custom collections of product and content into user defined lists.

Private mode

Filter content and sales collateral to display only materials for an internal sales audience, using Private mode. The application is displayed in a dark colour scheme reinforcing that the material is for internal purposes only.

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