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Client Connect

For client services

Deliver secure and targeted digital reporting to retail, professional and institutional clients.

Client Connect gives your clients digital reporting on the go with interactive and immersive investment reporting experiences.

Digital first

Digitises fund reporting to meet rising investor expectations through interactive and immersive analysis.

Targetted engagement

Differentiate your offering by bringing together targeted thought leadership and alternative opportunities.

Investment transparency

Provide investors with greater transparency to explore their investment performance and risk information.

Stay informed

Reinforce your active management of portfolios and how your responding to market events.

Customer centric

Personalised reporting experiences with access to contextually relevant content and information.

Investment oversights

Get accurate and in-depth oversight across all your investments as a single portfolio experience.

Individual investments

Analyse individual investments (mandates and products) to understand their performance and composition.

Investment library

Access a library of personalised investment related content that includes insights, videos and literature.

Generate reports

Produce on-demand reports across portfolio and individual investments.

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