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AMID Platform

What is AMID?

What does AMID do?

What products and services does AMID offer?

Does AMID have any direct competitors?

Who are the ideal clients for the AMID platform?

Is AMID a single or multi-tenant solution?

Is AMID and/or its associated products and services regulated and compliant?

How often is the AMID platform updated?

Data Management

Can the AMID platform perform data calculations?

What data does the platform support?

How is a client's reporting data secured?

Do I, as a client, need to provide all the reporting data and content?

How does AMID acquire and consume data?

Can a new data source be added to the AMID platform post implementation?

How frequently is data updated on the AMID platform?

Does the AMID platform have data validation capabilities?

Can AMID support a “live” request data model?

Does AMID provide a model where clients can select an individual reporting component for inclusion into an existing website or digital service?

What type of media and content can the AMID platform support?

How does AMID store data?


Does AMID offer multi-lingual support?

What languages does AMID currently support?

Commercial model

What does the AMID commercial model look like?


What is a typical AMID implementation?

How long does an AMID implementation take?

What client resources will be expected to support an AMID implementation?

How quickly can additional products and services be added to an AMID implementation?


Does AMID integrate with content management systems (CMS)?

Does AMID integrate with CRM solutions?

Does AMID integrate with Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions?

Does AMID integrate with third party data providers?

Does AMID integrate with third party analytics solutions?


How is the AMID platform hosted?

Does that AMID platform cover hosting across multiple jurisdictions

Fund Explorer

What is Fund Explorer?

What does Fund Explorer do?

How customisable is Fund Explorer?

How does Fund Explorer support global distribution of fund reporting?

How does Fund Explorer display the correct share classes and language to end investors?

Can Fund Explorer integrate into my existing corporate website?

Does Fund Explorer support the ability to present weighted portfolios or fund of funds?

Can I create a product centre for a specific region, customer type or a localised campaign?

Does Fund Explorer support search engine optimisation?

How does Fund Explorer keep up to date with the latest browser and device releases?

Is Fund Explorer only suitable for big firms?

Report Runner

What is Report Runner?

What does Report Runner do?

What reports can Report Runner produce?

How are reports configured in Report Runner?

How does Report Runner help my firm reduce the large number of templates that we have today?

Are there any constraints to the number of reports that Report Runner can produce?

How does Report Runner deliver the reports that have been produced?

Can I see past reports that have been produced by AMID?

How does AMID validate the reports being produced?

Can I see the rules and data that have been used to create a report?

Can I schedule reports to be run at set times?

Does Report Runner support workflows?

Sales Engage

What is Sales Engage?

What does Sales Engage do?

Who is Sales Engaged aimed at?

How do Sales teams access Sales Engage?

What type of Sales Collateral can be accessed via Sales Engage?

How does Sales Engage support my sales teams in preparing for a conversation with an investor (end client)?

Can I customise how sales collateral is organised within Sales Engage?

How does Sales Engage prevent me from presenting sensitive internal information to an end client?

What types of content does Sales Engage support?

Can Sales Engage integrate with CRM systems?

Can Sales Engage be configured to reflect Sales terriotories and restrict access to client data to individual sales teams/people?

Does Sales Engage support the on-go access and access when I have no/limited internet?

Is Sales Engage only for big companies with large salesforces?

What is the relationship between Sales Engage and Fund Explorer?

Client Connect

What is Client Connect?

What does Client Connect do?

Who is Client Connect aimed at?

What type of information can be accessed in Client Connect?

How do I access Client Connect?

How customisable is Client Connect?

What reporting services does Client Connect offer to end investors?

What types of reports can Client Connect produce?

Can I see historical client reports?

Does Client Connect capture user engagement and behavioural analytics?

Can Client Connect interface with content management systems (CMS)?

Does Client Connect store client data?

How does Client Connect support client reporting on a global basis?

Is Client Connect only suitable for large clients?

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