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Redefining traditional investment reporting practices and processes in a digital age.

Our story

Instinct was founded by Majid Shabir in 2003 and is a design-led fintech firm that exists to simplify the complex world of investment communication. Our mission is to digitise the customer investment journey; to do everything possible to redefine traditional investment reporting practices and processes in a digital age. We do this by challenging the status quo and delivering new perspectives and alternative ways for investment firms to communicate and interact in a digital age.

We strive to create intuitive and immersive investment experiences that re-invent traditional investment reporting models. We inspire unique perspectives and enable investment organisations to better serve and empower end investors to make better informed investment decisions anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Digital to our core, we combine digital design and UX skills with deep investment management industry expertise. We seek to challenge the status quo and deliver new perspectives and alternative ways for investment firms to communicate in a digital age.

Headquartered in London, we have built long term partnerships with investment managers in Europe and North America, including Schroders, BNY Mellon and Architas.

Our Team

Cassian Scott

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Maynard

Chief Financial Officer

Our Board

Majid Shabir

Founder, Non-Executive Deputy Chairman and Strategic Ambassador

Richard Williams

Board Member

We are...


Committed to transforming the way Financial Services communicates and reports financial data and information.

Thoughtful and Forward Thinking

We think about the bigger picture, ask questions and challenge our clients to ensure the best solution every time. We think about the client’s longer-term future, not just tomorrow.


We stick with a problem for the duration, from start to finish.

Dedicated, Hardworking and Team Players

We are 100% committed to getting the job done and put in the effort to do the best possible work. We never give up!


Everything we do is grounded in the principles of user-centred design - we solve real business problems through rich digital experiences.

Design Geeks and Empathetic

Everyone in the business loves, understands and respects the principles of user centred design. We always consider the people at the other end of what we’re working on.


We continually explore the frontiers of digital technology to see how new ideas can be incorporated into everything we do.

Curious and Open minded

We are insatiably interested in what’s happening in the world of digital technology, financial services and design, we are take inspiration from diverse places and apply it within our domain.


For the past 10 years, we have operated exclusively in the Financial Services sector.

Experienced and Confident

We bring Financial Services specific experience to the table and are able to openly discuss the challenges and problems our clients are facing.

New CEO announcement

The board of Instinct Digital is pleased to announce the appointment of Cassian Scott as the new Chief Executive Officer of Instinct Digital.

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